Closet Cleaning and Organization-Small Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Cleanse: Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Small Space with these Genius Organization Ideas!

One of the first things to downsize to smaller living is to clean and organize your closet space. Ask yourself these questions...

  1. Does it fit me now?
  2. Do I wear/use it?

If not you will want to remove it from your collection. An environmental solution is to donate to friends/family or thrift store. You can also sell your items as there are an abundance of used clothing apps/sites to do so.

Next we will organize your closet. To "organize" is defined as

arrange into a structured whole; order.
What "order" you use is totally dependent on your personal preferences. You can organize by color, item (ie. pants, skirts, sweaters), season etc.
There are storage solutions that can help with your organization of your closet. Smaller Living offers a variety of these items.

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